What to do when it’s over

What to do when it’s over


When I was 18, my senior year of high school, our basketball team played in the District Championship. We were playing our long time rivals, a team we hadn’t beaten in years. I couldn’t sleep much the night before the game, I was so excited. Our team had over achieved so much already that year, we weren’t supposed to be “that good” and had surprised many.

We played a great game; it was going so good… We lost the game… Now what…

This past weekend our church saw over 500 people begin or renew their relationship with Jesus. We had record attendance for a non-Easter weekend. Thousands of people in the Philippines will now be getting eggs to eat and get healthy. It was a win for the ages… Now what…

For some of you it’s been a great experience, for some it’s been an experience that was less than great and the question you wrestle with is what do I do, not that it’s over.

I think I have found the answer. Celebrate! Celebrate the experience, celebrate what God did, celebrate how you’ve been changed for the better. And then… Keep celebrating. I believe we stop celebrating too early. The Bible talks about living from grace to grace, my translation, living from getting better than I deserve to getting better than I deserve. It’s a mindset shift, but it’s really a lifestyle, a life experience shift.

So I’m celebrating and I’m going to keep celebrating the good things God has done until there is something new to celebrate. There will be no gap in my celebration.