Unity Always Wins

Unity Always Wins

Ever been in a fight with a friend or family member and after a while not known why you were even mad?

Frustrated about something happening in our nation, a church, or a business and don’t actually know the full story?

Have these fights or frustrations led to relationships falling apart or sometimes even worse?

The truth is many times we don’t know the actual reason why a fight or a division has come up in, we just know it did. It’s the scheme of the enemy and we don’t have to fall for it anymore!!

In Luke 11, Jesus talks about the power of division to destroy nations and families. In Genesis 11 God talks about the power of unity making nothing impossible (coincidence, I think not).

When I look over my past, I know I’ve been affected by all of these things more times than I would like. And I’ve decided during this fast, to change that way of thinking!

Philippians 4:6-8 tells us to not worry, to pray about everything, and to think about only that which is good and of a good report. So do that!! I’m serious; wherever you are at today, do this!!

Need to heal a relationship? Believe the best! Worried? Pray! Still worried? Keep Praying!

Do everything you can do and depend on God to do the rest!