Time to focus on December 31!

Time to focus on December 31!


This is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s a blank slate, a fresh start, I’m not behind on anything, it’s amazing.

As I start a new year, I’m amazed at all the opportunity before me, I’m also aware of the importance of the decisions I begin making today. I’ve started strong almost every year, but the wheels have often fallen off somewhere in the middle and the end has not been glamorous. I’m confident this may have happened to some of you as well.

So this year, I’m doing something different. Sure there are some annual traditions, I pick a word to focus on, I plan goals for my family, church, and myself. I have a strategy I’ll plan and finalize this week.

This year though, I’m also focusing on December 24 – December 31 2016 and what I want that week to look like. The Bible is filled with countless wisdom and I love the Scripture that says no one starts to build a house without first counting the cost. When I have a picture of what I believe that last week should look like it helps me evaluate decisions with the end in mind. If we will walk through this year, with this mindset, I believe this year, by the grace of God, will be our best year yet!

Happy New Year! I pray God’s best over you!