Starve it!

Starve it!

As a father of four children under the age of nine years, I know a lot about babies! I’m no expert, but I have learned how they act… unpredictably 😉 With the first child, I didn’t see it coming, so cute and cuddly, then all of the sudden… You know what happens, right? They grow up!

Babies are fed, given the vitamins and nutrients needed to grow and develop. This is a good thing. Often though, we feed things we shouldn’t. In Mark 6 we find the lady who, the Bible says, nursed a grudge against Herod.

We all get angry, we all have reasons to get upset. It’s what we do when we are upset that makes a big difference. The truth is, we can feed anything we want in our lives. We can feed our grudges and have them ruin our lives, or we can feed ourselves with hope from God and through other life-giving relationships. The choice is ours.

As you head into the weekend, I want to encourage you: if you are nursing a grudge against someone, drop it. Really, that’s it, just drop it! Nothing good comes from feeding something that is bad. Every time we overlook an offense we feed ourselves strength and joy for the future.

The Best is yet to Come!