Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?


Over the past 10 years I have thought a lot about this topic. The truth is there are people on both sides of the equation in the Church.

If you study this further, you will find people who can give you history lessons, theological treatise, and complicated doctrine as to why what they say is right. While this may be helpful to some, I’m going to simply write from our experience as a family in light of the Bible and the reality of Jesus Christ.

Demons, death, dark angels and on and on – Jesus was clear not to associate with darkness and, no doubt, this is darkness.
Jesus also said, be in the world, not of the world. While the original meaning of Halloween may be demonic in nature, American culture as a whole doesn’t celebrate it that way or is mostly unaware of it. Even when we ‘celebrate’ something, it begs the question, what does that mean? For instance, is it ungodly to watch a movie with Santa Claus in it? Does that celebrate Santa as the meaning of Christmas and not Jesus?

Jesus made it about the heart and that is what we must do when it comes to Halloween or any other holiday.

So about four years ago my view on this really began to shift. I was not going to let my kids participate in trick-or-treating and then my four year old asked me why. I didn’t have a good answer because not participating goes against what I believe! I believe that God’s Word is truth. The promise that He who is in me is greater than anyone else in the world is true. I also believe God’s Word which tells me to be a light for Jesus everywhere I go; that the light of Jesus can actually shine brightest in the darkest of places and situations.
The light of Jesus is always brighter than the darkest demon! Maybe there are demonic spirits at work at Halloween – though I doubt more than any other day – but that’s ok, I have Holy Spirit inside of me; He WINS!

So here is how we view Halloween in the Brueseke family. It’s an opportunity to dress up like a fun super hero, to meet neighbors, to invite people we don’t know to church, to speak life into many who I wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to show God’s love to. Call me crazy; but I think Jesus would have been out walking the streets on Halloween, showing people He loved them; not cooped up in a house with only Christians!

Do what your heart tells you to do, make sure it lines up with God’s Word, and no matter what, DO NOT EAT all that candy!!