Make Your Life Matter

Make Your Life Matter

We all want to know our life matters. In fact, the one thing that can make most of us feel fatigued, frustrated and even depressed is the feeling that “nothing I do matters.” We all want our lives to matter. Yet, this is a feeling so many people face.

Today, I want to focus on the WHY this happens. We feel this way because we are looking for fulfillment NOW…immediate accomplishment. The problem with this is that the things in life that have the greatest impact, the most meaning, are not done or realized in an instant. They often take years of seemingly “wasted time.” But when you know your why, your time is never wasted!!!

The greatest sense of value often comes from doing things you get no tangible in return for!

This weekend I will be talking about “why the next generation?” – specifically why kids and teenagers matter so much TODAY.  We will talk about how investing in them daily can be exhausting, and can feel like you’re not making tangible progress. It doesn’t always feel like something powerful that has an impact, but in actuality, investing in the next generation is world-changing work; it’s shaping the future.

If you want to remove the feeling of or the question of “does my life matter,” begin investing in a young person. Point them toward Jesus; guide them to a life of love and hope only found in Him. Some days will feel like a waste… you may never see the benefit… but it will change the world!