It’s Not Perfect

It’s Not Perfect

I like to know what I’m getting into before I get into it. I think you might be the same. In fact, I’ve saved myself a lot of heartache by realizing I should avoid something and doing just that.

Unfortunately, there is sometimes a flipside to this truth. I wonder how many times I have missed something GREAT from God because I avoided a situation that wasn’t “perfect.” I simply played it ‘safe.’

The writer of Ecclesiastes, a book found in the Bible, says that “the farmer who waits for perfect weather never plants, one who always watches the clouds never harvest…”

So I got to thinking, is there something God has for me that I’m not doing because things don’t look ‘perfect’ yet? Is there something you should be doing and you are delayed because things don’t look perfect yet?

Anything for God will require faith, which means things won’t look perfect; that’s how God makes up the difference.

Let me encourage you today, step out into that “thing” God is calling you to do, even though it doesn’t yet look perfect. Give God the space to show up and show off; He will never let you down.