Finish Strong

Finish Strong


I admit it. It’s so much easier to start something than it is to finish. I have started more things than I have finished. I’m not proud of it, but that’s the facts.

We have only 4 days left of our 21 day fast (Sunday the 24th is the last day). God has done many great things, but there are many who are still waiting and we just sort of want to say, “what’s the point,” or “it isn’t working.” It is working, though.

Today, my 8 year old son turned down a variety of snacks at school because he was on the Daniel fast and when he got home, he wasn’t happy about his sacrifice, so we tried to make sense of it to him. About how proud we were of his commitment and discipline. How God is faithful and will show up in a good way, perhaps when he least expects it as a result of his focus on these 21 days.

The truth is, I think finishing this fast strong for many of us will determine how well we do at finishing things this year. It’s easier to quit something when you have already quit something (let the reader understand ;-).

You are also less likely to quit something you shouldn’t quit when you haven’t quit something your shouldn’t have. So finish this fast strong!! No matter how well you have done, over the next 4 days… pray like crazy, read your Bible, and follow the Daniel Fast. You got this!