Fasting is not a diet

Fasting is not a diet


This weekend we began talking about the 21 day fast we will do as a church beginning January 4. In general, Biblical fasting is simply going without something permissible (usually food) and spending time drawing closer to God.

Biblically there are a variety of reasons to fast: to draw closer to God, for healing, for wisdom in a big decision, and more.

This year, my faith is greater than ever about what I’m expecting and believing God for in 2016. I truly believe we will experience His love and hope like never before.

Specific for this year, we are doing the Daniel fast together. The concept of the Daniel fast is taken from two different places in Scripture (Daniel 1 and Daniel 10). Two things are important about this type of fast, don’t be overly legalistic and don’t spend lots of time making meals that meet the ‘requirements’ of the fast.

The Daniel fast in essence is going without ‘choice’ foods and drinks. This means we will be eating vegetables, fruits, and grains only on this fast (please consult a doctor if you have any health concerns).

The point in all of the fasting is to learn to rely on God more. So as you are hungry, cry out to Him. As you are struggling, cry out to Him; He hears and will help. Spend more time praying and reading your Bible than ever before.

Here are a few links that will help you as well..

Fasting should be challenging for you; you should want to quit, especially in the beginning because it’s difficult (first 3 days are usually the hardest, if it was easy everyone would do it all the time).

God is there to help us, no matter what.

I believe our 2016 fast will launch us into our best year ever. Growing means changing… and the best is yet to come!